"I am Father Jesse Amedzi from the HO Diocese, which is in the Volta region of Ghana, West Africa. I work for the Bishop in the Catholic Secretariat as the Director of Liturgy and Music. I am in charge of the Bishop's Choir and Cultural troupe. I also work in the Roman Catholic Regional Education Unit of the Ghana Education Service as the human resources manager in charge of appointments, transfers and supervision of teachers.

Finally, I am a Parish Priest in charge of the Holy Spirit Parish, which has no church or school. I have 200 families who worship with me under the trees on our land. Our Diocese has about 200,000 Catholics with 60 priests, 6 brothers friars, and 63 sisters."

Father Jesse

Parishioners attending Sunday Mass. In the background you can view the construction of the school

"The main occupation of my people is subsistent farming. The people are very poor with an average income of $500 US dollars a year. There are no industries in the area. The Volta Region has a poor infrastructure. The road network is substandard and most of the roads are dirt. Many of the towns and villages lack amenities like good drinking water, hospitals, clinics, and schools.

My parishioners in the Holy Spirit Parish have been fasting and praying continuously for the success of these projects. Usually, they fast for a whole week without food and with only warm water to drink.Then there is a rest for about three days followed by three days of fasting, three days of rest, then another week of fasting.

This fasting is one of the ways my parishioners are giving the little they gain from the fast to help build this school and church They also pay tithes on their meager incomes of about $40 a month to help as well. All of these are an expression of our love for the children for whom this school is being built, and for the people who will be using the church in the future with us.
We do these things in appreciation of the fact that you are also fasting from many things in order to give us the money needed for these projects."
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